Wohlfühlklima ohne Energieverluste durch innovatives Fenstersystem


Loving Good Design and Design Classics

As sister company of the well-established wohnbedarf brand, wb form produces and globally sells high-end re-editions of design classics, as well as contemporary design by renowned designers and architects. Marking the beginning of the wb form label as we know it today was the 2011 re-edition of the world-famous Max Bill  furniture, including the Dreibeinstuhl (Three-Legged Chair), the

 Kreuzzargenstuhl (Cross-Frame Chair), the Quadratrundtisch (Square-Round Table) and, with its unsurpassed minimalist design, the iconic Ulmer Hocker (Ulm Stool). Another highlight, the Carta Collection by Japanese star architect Shigeru Ban was launched in the summer of 2016.



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